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Musings of a Redneck Theologian

Discipleship (the dirty twelve letter word)

Okay, it really isn’t a dirty word – but I think it is a misunderstood word.  Let me attempt to clarify with some excerpts from The Spirit Of The Disciplines, by Dallas Willard. He says, “The word ‘disciple’ occurs 269

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Love – what does it mean?

I love my wife. I love the KC Chiefs. I love BBQ. I love NASCAR. I love Petra. Sometimes I wonder if love might be one of the most overused words in the English language?! This past weekend I had

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Why can’t we all just get along?

I am saddened. No, that isn’t quite the right word…I am grieved. I am grieved that we have taught folks that multiple wrongs somehow make a right. I’m grieved that we have lost the ability to be civil to one

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Memorial Day – what it means to me

May 25, 2020 So, as I venture into this thing called blogging I’m discovering that I can write about whatever suits my fancy.  That’s kind of cool…but it is also daunting, because I want to make sure that whatever I

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Some of our questions are hard!  Questions about life.  Questions about faith.  Questions about fear, doubt, worry, guilt, sin, chaos, eternity, the trinity, Jesus…  It is the hard questions that we need to answer if we are going to really

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Traditionalism – the good and the bad

Traditionalism is defined as “the upholding or maintenance of tradition, especially so as to resist change.” It is interesting to me that the Oxford dictionary explains the context of the definition saying, “Historically, it most often applies to the theory

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What is “theology”?

I want to use this blog to help clarify some things that, especially within the church, are too often assumed or taken for granted. A topic that we will regularly visit is theology. It is a topic about which everyone

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I’ll do it…when I have the time.

During the recent shelter in place restrictions, I’ve been listening to several CD’s that haven’t been dusted off or even thought about in several years. One of the songs I heard the other day, by Deliverance, is called “No Time.”

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