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We are moving our website to a new domain. The button will take you to the new website, there you can keep up with all that is going on around New Hope Naz!

Welcome to Our Community of Believers

New Hope Church of the Nazarene is a community of believers that are committed to learning what Jesus meant when He described His disciples as “salt of the earth” and “light of the world.” We believe that our faith should have an impact on our actions, attitudes, passions, and behaviors. As we seek to follow Jesus’ example, our goal is to demonstrate the love, mercy, grace, compassion, and forgiveness that God has for all humanity. We want to be the witnesses and ambassadors that will carry the light of Christ to the darkness of the world in which we live.

It is our desire that people without hope will find hope through faith in Jesus.

We are a family, bound together through God’s forgiveness and grace. We believe that each of us has something to teach to others and that we each need to continue to learn as we journey through this thing called life together. We are not perfect, but we strive to love each other and allow for each of us to grow into the image of Jesus as the Holy Spirit teaches and leads us. We believe that our faith journey is continuous and ongoing and that none of us will learn all there is to know about Scripture or following Jesus, but that God asks us to grow more and more like Jesus each day.

We believe that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God and that we can find direction, peace, and hope as we study and meditate on God’s love letter to humanity. We believe that the Holy Spirit is our “helper” and loves to lead us deeper in our relationship with God. As we learn to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit we experience more and more of what God has planned and prepared for each of us.

We are a part of the Church of the Nazarene, an international body of believers who seek to know what God meant when He commanded us to “be holy, as your Heavenly Father is holy.”

Everyone is welcome, just as you are. Join us for worship on Sunday, or on Wednesday as we dive deep into Bible study, or just come along for the journey as we try to do life together. Be encouraged that Jesus wants you to be a part of His family and we’d be honored to have you join us. Know that while life can be filled with trials and troubles, you need not take a single step alone.

Service Times

Sunday Prayer & Fellowship 9:45 AM
Sunday Worship Service 10:30 AM
Wednesday Bible Study/Prayer 6:30 PM

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